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Dan Mor Diamonds

Lab Diamonds - There is no price for freedom by: Dan Mor

At Dan Mor Diamonds, there are countless reasons to choose laboratory diamonds. You can enjoy the same quality and standard as natural diamonds, but at less than half the price. The savings you get with laboratory diamonds go beyond just money. Laboratory diamonds are environmentally friendly and free from the harsh realities of natural diamond mining.

It’s the diamond of the new world.

With our commitment to using the most advanced technologies, and offering the largest and richest stock of the highest quality diamonds, I invite you to choose the perfect jewel that will make you shine. For any questions or additional information, feel free to write here below or contact me privately.

Have a diamond day!

Custom Drop Earrings

Lab Diamonds - how the magic is made by: Dan Mor

Advanced technology and knowledge that has been researched since the nineteenth century, reproduce in the laboratory identically the natural conditions that lead to the crystallization of carbon into diamond. What happens in nature for a billion years at a depth of about one hundred and fifty kilometers below the surface of the earth, happens in the laboratory for a few weeks. The result is a diamond with the same appearance and chemical and physical characteristics as a normal diamond, so that the difference cannot be noticed, except with a special test in the laboratory.

It is important to know that the term synthetic diamond in the context of laboratory diamonds is a misnomer.
A synthetic material is a material that is produced to mimic the properties of another material
But they have different properties and composition.
The laboratory diamond production technique exactly simulates the crystallization conditions of the diamond in nature and the final product has exactly the same physical and chemical properties.

Just like with natural diamonds, each diamond is unique. No two are the same.

It is important that you remember to make sure that it comes with the IGI certificate of the world’s leading gemological institute.
So if we haven’t met yet, I’m Dan Moore, and for any questions or additional information, write here below, or to me privately. Have a diamond day.

Dan Mor Diamond Ring - EB001

Lab Diamonds - 50% price, 100% quality by: Dan Mor

Lag Diamons meet all the standards of natural diamonds, the sparkle, the light reflection, the durability. Their cut is perfect. They are crystallized in an environmentally friendly process, without the painful consequences of diamond mining, and you will pay for the jewelry less than 50% of the price of a jewelry set with a natural diamond. I’m talking about lab diamonds.

With years of expertise in the field of diamonds in Israel and abroad, I can tell you that this is a diamond for everything, the highest qualities, at the most attractive price… that you can’t help but afford. I’m Dan Moore, and for any questions or additional information, write to me below , or privately let’s have a diamond day.

Vivid Pink Oval
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